Want to treat your dog to an extra special dog birthday cake? Well, look no further!

Collar Club Natural Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

For Winston's birthday this year, I created him a very special doggy birthday cake, made from a chicken liver sponge cake, peanut butter filling and mash potato icing. All topped with a homemade sardine bone! (You can find the recipe for the sardine bones here) 

Collar Club Natural Dog Birthday Cake Recipe - Ingredients

It can be made from simple ingredients you have around the house, with just a couple of affordable additions.​

Simple Liver Cake


500g Chicken Liver 
200g Flour (If using a substitute such as rice or almond flour, you might need a bit more!)
3 eggs
100 ml Water 

And thats it!

You can substitute the chicken livers for any other type of liver that you fancy and it will work just as well. I tend to look in the reduced section of the supermarket - you can always find some "offally" good deals there. (Sorry, love a pun.)


Firstly blend the livers until smooth, and then transfer to a bowl to add in the egg, and finally the flour.

Bake at 180 degrees celcius for approx 15-20 minutes, or until the tops have browned. 

While they are cooking, pop some potatoes on to boil for 15-20 mins.

I used a cupcake tin and greased the tins with olive oil for this mix, but you can bake a larger cake too if you prefer. (You can find the full recipe with picture instructions here.)

Let the cupcakes cool, and if you are going to go the whole hog and ice it, make sure that you choose two that are level, or you can always slice the top off the bottom later. 

Collar Club Natural BBirthday Cake Recipe

Mash those potatoes! I added a little water to mine to get it to the right piping consistency, but you could always just use a knife to spread it on.

Spread some dog friendly peanut butter and sandwich them together, then ice the top.

Finally, top with a homemade biscuit - I used my Sardine bone recipe which you can find here.

Et Voila, a handmade natural dog birthday cake that your dog will love. Enjoy!

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