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Two Dogs Co Cork Poo Bag Dispensers

Two Dogs Co Cork Poo Bag Dispensers

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Store your dog walking essentials in a beautiful easy access bag.


These poo bag dispensers are created from cork, a leather alternative created from the bark of a cork oak tree. We now fill our pouches with plastic free, cornstarch bags from our friends at Adios Plastic.


Made from:


- Cork

- Chrome Hardware



The Cork is carefully cut and sewn together before the hardware is added.



To keep your Cork in top condition, use a natural wax to treat the bag, and it is recommend to reapply wax on a regular basis. After application, leave it in a warm place for 24 hours and rub it gently with a soft cloth. We also recommend using Liquiproof Protector™, a natural non-toxic coating that will make the product water and stain resistant.

Please use with care and keep away from chewers when not in use!

This is not a toy. Please keep away from unsupervised children.

Be cautious of moving parts. Handmade in Bath.

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