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Medium Doggy Dental Apple & Eucalyptus

Medium Doggy Dental Apple & Eucalyptus

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These tasty dental stocks from Edgard Cooper are made to keep those pearly whites clean!

with an extra long chew time and made from natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and apple.

Plaque can be stubborn, so a dental stick with staying-power is always preferred. Edgard Coper’s sticks are air-dried so it takes ages to chew through them, which means a deeper, more effective clean for your dog.

These sticks are tube-shaped, so they give a more effective clean for fewer calories.

Edgard Cooper also keep calories to a minimum by only using healthy plant-based ingredients.


potato (dried, 47.5%), potato starch (dried, 23.5%), vegetable glycerin, cellulose, minerals, apples (dried, 0.3%), pomegranate (0.3%), coconut oil (0.1%), eucalyptus oil (0.05%), aloe vera (dried, 0.05%).

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