So What Is Collar Club?

A great deal of thought goes into selecting the perfect products for each and every Collar Club dog Subscription box. We hand select each product from some well known brands, and smaller, artisanal brands with sustainability at the heart of their business.

We want to help your dog discover their new favourite treats and toys all while putting people, the planet and pets first.

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What's in the Box?

Each box contains a variety of items, including a selection of natural dog treats, natural dog chews and a sustainable toy. We often also include other items such as natural grooming products, accessories and other sustainable goodies!

We work with our suppliers to ensure only the best quality ingredients are used in our products.

Collar Club natural dog subscription boxes are fully customisable for dogs with allergies, and we even offer a tougher toy option for those that don't get on with plush or fluffy toys.

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Why Collar Club?

The health & happiness of dogs is our top priority. All of the products we included are selected with this core value in mind.

  • All dog treats provided are 100% natural, no artificial colourings, flavourings or additives. 
  • Any dog toys in our boxes are assured to be non toxic and free from harmful chemicals. 
  • The majority of toys will also be made from natural materials, or materials that can be recycled when your dog has finished with them. 
  • We will never provide any bone products.
  • All of our pet care products are free from synthetic ingredients such as SLS, Parabens or artificial fragrances.

​Look out as well for our additional extras such as recipe cards, how to and key tips for keeping your pooch in tip top condition naturally!

Want to see more? You can find some of our past boxes below.

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Some of our Previous Boxes...

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Fully Flexible Delivery Schedule

We offer a variety of delivery schedules to completely suit you. Select to receive your box of natural dog treats and toys once a month, every other month or once every three months. Whichever option you choose, postage is always included and your happy post is delivered direct to your door!

About The Collar Club Team

Hi! I'm Jo, the owner of Collar Club, and this is Winston my trusty chief quality control officer.

I created Collar Club after deciding to merge my passion for ethics and sustainability with my other biggest passion... Dogs!

Collar Club is the best of both worlds and I look forward to hearing about your pooches too.

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Giving Back

Being sustainable is incredibly important to us and we strive to focus on people, pets and the planet in everything we do.

From sourcing our products, to reducing our waste, all the way through to our Collars for Shelters programme we try to be considerate and conscious in our business decisions.

You can read more about our sustainability actions and goals below!

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