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the face behind the brand

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Meet the Team

“We care about what we feed ourselves and our impact on the environment so why not make a difference through how we engage with our pets too?”

Jo - Founder & Owner

I'm Jo - the owner of Collar Club and that furry friend on the left is Winston, my trusty Quality Control manager.

Having worked in ethics and sustainability for the majority of my professional life, I knew that when I finally embarked on my own business adventure, that these two values would be at its core.

Our Story

Collar Club was created through a culmination of brain wave, and necessity. When Winston arrived into our home aged 7 months, he wasn't in the greatest of health.

He had a bad coat that was dull and patchy, flaky dry skin and his tummy, well, lets not go there.

I went on a mission to improve his health naturally and spent many hours hours researching treats and brands that shared my values when it came to honest, natural products.
I came across so many wonderful brands that shared my vision and values, and I wanted to share these with the world. A blog wasn't going to cut it and hey presto, Collar Club was born.

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Our mission

Sustainability isn't just our impact on the environment, its about living a life that is balanced and had longevity - just like the life we wish for our dogs. We know we aren't perfect, and there is always room for improvement, but our mission is to run a business that gives back where it can. Helping the health of dogs around the world, with minimal impact on the environment.

Winston is particularly keen on a zero waste philosophy - no crumb will remain uneaten!

Mission Statement

Our eventual goal is to have full traceability of all ingredients and materials that go into Collar Club boxes. While this is still a work in progress, we do want to ensure that both us, and our suppliers have people, pets and the planet in their best interests.


We ask that all suppliers make conscious efforts to monitor and improve the conditions in their supply chain, and that at a minimum, all suppliers adhere to the UN Guiding principles on business and human rights.

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Founder image


We want to work with companies that are selective about the products produced, their packaging and the manufacture methods used to create them, and that have been consciously assessed to reduce the impact on the planet.


That the companies we work with are creating products that are formed with pets best interest at heart providing stimulating enrichment, play or nutrition to better their lives.

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