And always trying to be better.

Sustainability is close to our hearts and at the core of our business.  We expect our suppliers to take this very seriously too. From looking at the working conditions of the factories you produce in, to the impact of where your ingredients or materials come from. 

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  • Packaging

    All Collar Club subscription box branded packaging is paper based, meaning that it is 100% compostable.

    We collaborate with our partners on continuous improvement to help them source eco-friendly packaging for their products too.

    We expect our suppliers to use responsible packaging that ideally contains no plastic, however we acknowledge the difficulties around this with food packaging will be able to consider it should it be 100% recyclable.

  • Product

    We love to hear about innovation and want to know what makes your product stand out. Is it handmade? Supports social intiatives? Made from recycled materials? Then shout about it!

  • Values

    We want to partner with brands that share our values for a better planet for all those on it. If you share these values, we want to hear from you!