Ahhh the humble dog biscuit. Some times the traditional treats are the best, don't you think?
We love making our own here at home as you know exactly all of the ingredients that are in them. This recipe is one of our favourites - it's super easy and dogs love them.
The key to these biscuits is Sardines! 

Winston is a fan as you can see, and I have to be very careful not to let him eat all of the ingredients before I have made the biscuits. (who can resist puppy dog eyes?) 

Sardines are a healthy treat that your dog can enjoy and is full of vitamins and minerals.

Our friends over at scruffy little terrier have written a great blog on all the benefits of sardines - you can find it here. 

All you need to make these tasty biscuits is:

1 egg
200g of wholemeal flour (You can substitute this for a grain free option such as rice or coconut flour, but be aware the water absorption rates of these are different to traditional flour, so you may need a little more.
2 tins of sardines (opt for those in water)

You can mix it up by adding herbs as well, mint and parsley are good options to counteract the fish breath!

In Order to make the biscuits, the first thing you need to do is drain and blend the sardines. I use a food processor, as the finer you can get the paste the easier the dough is to roll.

Once blended, tip the sardine paste into a bowl and add the eggs. 

Finally, fold in the flour and roll into a dough. Like any normal dough it might need a bit of time to come together, but eventually - it should look like this!
Once the dough is formed, you can roll it out into what ever shape you choose.

Flour the surface and roll the dough out to half a centimetre thickness. I used a big bone cutter shape as these were for Winston's bed time bones. (It started as he  always got a bone for going into his own bed!)

You could also just cut them into triangles, or squares if you wanted smaller training treats.

They puff up when cooked, so prick them with a fork if this is an issue.
Bake at 200 for 20-30 minutes, or until the bones have cooked through. They can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days in an airtight container.

Top Tip - This batch makes LOTS of bones. In fact i have over two baking trays worth!

With one dog there was no way that these would be eaten in the time frame so I tend to freeze them. Winston likes them direct from the freezer!
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