Collar Club Guide to Natural Health Remedies - Ticks, Yeast and Bad Breath

Collar Club Guide to Natural Health Remedies - Ticks, Yeast and Bad Breath

Treating Your Dog Naturally is totally possible.

Winston is a nightmare for getting into a scrape. He "truffles" through undergrowth on a regular basis and is forever getting little cuts and nicks on himself. I used to panic - especially as he was my first dog. Literally the very same week he came to live with us, he decided that it was a great idea to dig up the "tennis balls" he found in the garden (aka daffodil bulbs) and help himself to a mid morning snack... (vet visit definitely required!) 

For those not so serious cuts and grazes I wanted to be able to treat him myself so did some research on natural remedies to help with those minor ailments and annoyances that we have to deal with.

How to get rid of ticks from your dog naturally?

We often hear people ask how they can get rid of ticks from your dog naturally. Used as a prevention rather than cure, Neem oil is great in

Collar Club Natural Remedies for Insect Bites

the summer months to help ward off those creepy critters. Neem oil is a great natural bug repellant for dogs. I first discovered it to save my vegetables from flies! Heavily diluted it can be applied to both humans and dogs as a flea repellant. Mix with citrus smells to mask the acquired scent for a double bug busting spray!

What are some natural ways to treat a dog's yeast problems?

Collar Club Natural Remedies - Yeast Infections


Yeast infections in dogs usually presents itself in a similar form to standard allergies - licking, hot spots and chewing at their feet. Yeast infections are usually caused by a dog's reaction to something in their diet. The first thing to take a close look at is the presence of sugar in your dogs diet, as yeast feeds on this and it will exacerbate the issue. This means removing all cereals and grain, any commercial treats that contain sugar, and sadly fruit too! 

Once you have addressed their diet, you can start to treat the yeast infection. Both apple cider vinegar and coconut oil have properties that will greatly help to reduce and even cure a yeast infection.

Collar club Natural Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar

Yeast needs moisture to survive which is why you may find your dog licking his feet more often than normal in winter due to soggy paws!
Apple cider vinegar removes the moisture from the yeast cells, helping to kill in instantly. It also has anti-bacterial properties which will help to keep the raw skin free from secondary infection. if the skin is raw, be sure to dilute the vinegar and apply from a spray bottle with a carrier such as coconut oil so that it does not sting.
You can also add a tea spoon to their water bowl (if they will still drink it!) to address the problem internally. 

Coconut Oil is a wondrous thing. It can be used both topically and also as a treat to assist with all sorts of doggy ailments.

Collar Club Natural Remedies for Dogs - Coconut Oil

It has both anti-bacterial and anti viral properties which means  it can be used to clear fungal or yeast infections both topically and orally, or to preventing infection in cuts or grazes. For a yeast infection we recommend building up their intake slowly; feeding 1/4 of a teaspoon to start, and eventually giving 1 teaspoon per 10lb of body weight. Why not make some tasty treats using coconut oil? You can find our recipes here!


What are some home remedies for bad dog breath?
Bad breath can be a sign of dental issues so eliminate this as an issues first!
Collar Club Natural Remedies for Bad Breath
Check your dog's mouth to look for any cuts, scrapes or cracked teeth. Sometimes however, dogs breath just... stinks! This is usually due to a build up of bacteria from our diets, a bit like humans.
Make natural breath fresheners using melted coconut oil, chopped parsley and mint and chill in an ice cube tray. Pop one in their dinner or feed as a treat for super fresh breath! You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar in their water or food to help kill the bacteria.


Want some other natural remedies for dogs?

If you are interested in finding other natural remedies for dogs, you can find our full guide on how to treat a whole host of issues by downloading our free natural dog healing guide here. It has guidance on:

  • How to treat hotspots naturally
  • Best natural remedies for ear infections
  • How to treat dog anxiety
  • and much more!
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