Should I Feed My Dog Pumpkin? (Yes! and Here are some reasons why!)

Should I Feed My Dog Pumpkin? (Yes! and Here are some reasons why!)

There are SO many reasons why you should feed your dog Pumpkin... And here are just a few!

Pumpkin is Full of Vitamins & Minerals

Like packed. Pumpkins are packed with important nutrients, including beta-carotene, zinc, iron, vitamin A, E and C and potassium.

Beta-Carotene is a naturally occurring carotenoid reported to have health-promoting effects in dogs, especially improving the immune response in older dogs.

Pumpkins are rich in carotenoids, vitamin E, iron, and potassium. Carotenoids encourage skin and eye health, while vitamin E acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help with heart function.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin which supports various aspects of dog health including a healthy skin and coat.

It's great for stomach and digestive Issues

Another benefits of pumpkin is that it is full of fibre. Similarly to humans, a high fibre diet is a great way to regulate digestive functions, and help smooth out that waste transition!

It is also really great for soothing the stomach and can be great at helping dogs with a sensitive stomach.

The Seeds can be used as a Natural Dewormer

Pumpkin seeds can be used as a natural remedy for parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms. This is due to the naturally occuring Cucurbitin, an amino acid found in pumpkin seeds, acts as a natural de-worming agent.

This clever substance is known to paralyze the worms which mean they loosen their grip on the intestinal wall, making them easier for dogs to expel.

Pumpkin seeds can be fed to your dog either whole or ground up, but be sure to feed them in moderation. They have a relatively high fat content so can have a rather stimulating effect the other end!

It's great for dogs on a Diet.

As with the aforementioned fibre, pumpkin is also really high in water content, which can be very beneficial in dogs trying to lose weight. It helps create bulk in meals without the calories.


Need some ideas for how to get pumpkin into your dogs diet? Check out our other blog with some tasty recipes here!

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