There are probably people out there who wonder why they would want to buy a subscription box for their dogs rather than just buying treats as and when they want them.

My dog is fussy, my dog has allergies, my dog can't have soft toys are all comments that we hear on a regular basis. Does this sound like you?

The thing is, Collar Club boxes are completely customisable and there are many benefits to getting a subscription box that you may not have thought of - so read on! 

Collar Club Natural Dog Subscription Box

If you like surprises...

Having a subscription box is fun - it can be both a surprise for both you and your dog as to what is inside. Our aim is to introduce you to some new brands, as well as give you access to new products from some classic favourites. Some of our customers are so keen on delivery day that we think they enjoy opening them more than the dog! 

and you want the best natural products for your dog...

We love the variety on our boxes (of course... we are biased) and we think that its key to keep introducing your dog to new types of treats on a regular basis. The brands that we work with range from small artisanal suppliers to larger brands that are experts in their niche. All of our treats are 100% natural and contain no artificial nasties such as sweeteners, preservatives or colourings.

Collar Club Natural Subscription box for dogs

It's super convenient.

One of the huge benefits of subscription boxes is that the products are delivered direct to your door. No trudging to the shops, finding out they are closed and making fido wait until the weekend for a special treat!
We currently use Royal Mail as our preferred delivery partner and the boxes will be delivered with your normal post.

Reduce your carbon footprint and delivery costs.

Shipping products and excess packaging have a big impact on the environment. One of the benefits of Collar Club are that we arrange for bulk deliveries from separate suppliers, and we take the cost (and carbon!) out of trying multiple products at the same time. As you know, online retailers can charge rather hefty sums for their delivery costs but at Collar Club postage to the UK is all included as part of the cost.

But what if i don't want to be tied in?

The beauty of a subscription is that it comes regularly, and with Collar Club, you get to choose the frequency. You can choose from monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and with our sophisticated system, you can pause or cancel your subscription at the touch of a button. As a small business we always try to please our customers, so if you are unable to access your account you are always welcome to drop us an email and we can sort this for you.


We have sent several boxes out over the years to pet bloggers to review. See why they would recommend a Collar Club box here:





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