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Collar Club Be Kind Box (No Plush)

Collar Club Be Kind Box (No Plush)

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Little Blue Pupcakery Biscuits

We couldn’t do a last box without including our favourite bakers, which is why you have a selection from both Liz and the wonderful Nina. Also based on the bee kind theme (you all know that another thing I love is a cheesy pun!) these biscuits are made from Nina’a signature biscuit base and k9 friendly icing.

Sana Dog Venison Burgers

SANADOG venison burgers are a treat for your dog made from pure, high-quality beef. They are manufactured in their own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colourings, preservatives, meat flour or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Their air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

Time to Paws Toy

One of the biggest things that I hope slowing down with Collar Club will bring, is extra time to spend in my garden. Spending time out there beings me lots of joy, but also a sense of peace, so I encourage you to enjoy your hobbies more too! There is a selection based on your dog’play style and allergy preferences - this box contains a gorgeous plant pot feeder toy from Soda Pup.

Forthglade Honey and Banana Treats

These irresistible plant-based reward-based training treats contain honey and banana, a tasty combination that is suitable for dogs aged 2 months+. Perfect for training whilst out on walks or at home as a special reward, these soft semi-moist star-shaped treats are easy to break into smaller sized treats.

Liz's Pet Bakery Camomile Biscuits

I had to include Liz and her wonderful biscuits! These handmade goodies were made just for us, reminding you all to look after yourselves, and “Be Kind!” Made with gluten free oat flour, and chamomile to promote those positive, calming vibes!

Braided Lamb Chews

These braided lamb chews are completely natural, low in fat and a great source of protein and omega 3. They also have a rough texture, which is great for keeping teeth clean and healthy! Wheat & Gluten free!

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