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Collar Club March (Easter / Spring) Box

Collar Club March (Easter / Spring) Box

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Our very last Easter box - containing:

Harley & Marley Trout Hearts

The Dogsee Gigabites Carrot cookies are an excellent way to meet your dog's nutritional requirements. Made with high-quality ingredients, natural sweetness of honey and jaggery, and gluten-free, these are suitable for all dogs! As the main ingredient is the carrot these cookies are rich in Vitamin A.

Harley & Marley Trout Hearts

These super yummy and nutritious train & reward treats are made of Goatsbridge Irish Rainbow Trout with Potato & Blueberry; Apple, Seaweed & of course, that Easter favourite Carrot. Containing 70% Irish fish, this superfood recipe is tail-waggingly scrumptious!

Turmeric Yak

Dogsee Yak chews are made of sun-dried, smoked Himalayan cheese with a hint of real turmeric.The finest churpi sourced from the Himalayas is smoke-dried to perfection for 35 days to make it extra hard which helps to remove plaque and tartar when being chewed. Dogsee products are sustainably sourced from local farmers providing employment to over 20,000 villagers

Handmade Super Sheep

The lovely Lesley has been at it again - creating a special design, just for us for Easter! This super cute sheep toy with their button nose is hand woven from 100% recycled cotton cord and they are OEKO TEX certified meaning they contain no harmful substances to us or the planet.

Apawtiser Easter Eggs

Introducing the fruity eggs from Apawtiser. Lovingly handmade, with human grade ingredients, these tasty easter eggs are made from coconut flour and real fruits such as apple, mango, and mixed berries! Perfect for that easter egg hunt.

JR Pet Products Lamb Lung

JR’s delicious Lamb Lung is made from 100% Air dried Lamb Lung. A Collar Club favourite, it is hypoallergenic, highly palatable & an easily digestible treat which is the perfect treat for all ages.Naturally packed with vitamins and minerals including Omega 3 fatty acids which help boost your dog's immune system, reduce joint inflammation and helps produce a healthy skin and coat.



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